Will Rogers’ wisecracking, folksy humor and topical philosophical observations made him one of America’s most popular entertainers throughout the long days of the Great Depression.

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In Will Rogers’ U.S.A., actor Rob Cork aptly recreates the rope-twirling and slyly grinning comedian in select moments from some of his most characteristic and strikingly relevant stage and radio performances.

Upcoming Performances: To be scheduled.

Will Rogers’ U.S.A. is available for performances at your venue. Running time for the standard production is one hour. School schedules and Q & A can also be accommodated. Required performance space is approximately 15 feet deep by 15 feet wide, preferably in a meeting room with a carpeted floor or a stage. We book programs on weekdays, weekends, and evenings, as our schedule permits.

This production is presented by special arrangement with George Spota Productions of Hollywood, California.

Will Rogers’ U.S.A. was adapted from the words of Will Rogers by Paul Shyre and originally produced by George Spota. Bryan Sterling selected and edited the original material.

Photos by Matthew Liptak